Tattoo Fever 


Possibly the hardest part of the tattoo process for people who have decided they want a tattoo is deciding on a design to get inked on them. It is easy enough to decide that you want to get a tattoo, and if you have a good parlor near you then you would be well advised to go there rather than start asking around and possibly getting steered the wrong way by a well-meaning but not-so-bright friend. But deciding what design you get is serious business, because this is something you will be wearing for evermore. Think about it and get it right. 

Tattoo Fever is the perfect portfolio and information pack for anyone researching their plans to get ink – amazingly thorough and with impressive quality throughout. Anything you need to know before getting the tattoo put on, you will find out here. A portfolio of designs that covers almost literally every possible category, with tens of thousands of designs, and that is only the beginning. There are countless little add-ons, including a book which will answer all your questions about tattooing. 

Really, this package contains everything you could possibly want if you are researching anything to do with tattoos. Want to start tattooing for yourself? The information is all here. Looking to get your name tattooed in Chinese? This is where you will find the right character. If you can name it, they can give you it – and all for less than twenty dollars, for a package that would retail separately for ten times that!