Tattoo Me Now 


One of the most difficult parts of getting a tattoo, even for the people who have been inked before, is deciding what tattoo to get. There is such a wide range of potential looks that it is hard to know where to start. There are so many genres of tattoo, so many tattoos within each of these genres, and so many different places where you can get one. The easiest decision you can make as part of the process is actually whether or not to get a tattoo in the first place. 

Tattoo Me Now is a membership site for people who are trying to make such a decision, and it gives you all the information and opportunities for discussion that you could possibly ask for at the point when you decide you are getting a tattoo. A Design Gallery that makes choosing your design so easy you wouldn’t believe it, as well as a Members’ Gallery showing the tattoos that other members have got. Then there’s the studio directory which helps you choose the right place to get the work done – with reviews to give you the confidence that it’s the best place. 

Additionally a discussion forum allows you to put serious questions and seek feedback, as well as shooting the breeze with fellow tattoo fans – and if all of that wasn’t enough you can check out the videos on the site showing all sorts of informative content as well as funny stuff. An ideal site for body art aficionados.